Wednesday, August 31, 2016

food chain



1)the grass is producer.
2)ant is primary consumer.
3)bird is secondary consumer.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

 My group: Fook ,Ohm ,Mimi
Fook work on: formatting and picture and names.
Ohm or me work on: information
Mimi work on:A little formatting very little.
My group Fook plan almost every thing, First Mimi want to do the group project in Canvas but Fook and me think that do in google docs will be easier. Then Mimi don't do any thing Mimi open canvas only time that Fook and me tell Mimi to close and help group so Mimi don't close canvas but open group work but don't do the work.
I think advantage of Fook is formatting and planning. 
I think cons of Fook is not have.
I think advantage of Mimi is like decorating.
I think cons of Mimi too decorating then it  sloppy.